Thursday, 8 April 2010

Not eccentric, just an asshole

Just got in from my first night back and after getting over the initial weirdness of being back I'm sorry to report that it was actually a fairly boring night. Rumour has it the owner pissed off half our regulars some time last week, so it was deadly quiet and although a few of my favourite players were in, the only half interesting game I got was on blackjack.

I knew the guy was loaded before he even bought in, because he had the table minimum adjusted just for him and the inspector referred to him personally. I made a joke when he came to the table but he didn't respond so I figured we weren't going to hit it off. We didn't. He was picky as hell about his bets and I couldn't put a foot right. When they took me off as soon as they could and I felt nothing but relief.

Later I was talking to an inspector about it and commented that he must be an eccentric millionaire or something.
"He's not eccentric, he's just an asshole." As I was laughing he added, "He is a millionaire though."

Someone asked me recently if I think you can be rich and still be a good person. At first I wasn't sure, but the more I do this job the more certain I've become that you just can't. I don't just mean the nastiness: of course I've dealt to some very rich people who are respectful and kind. But I can't help thinking of all the real people in the world who are desperately in need, all those charities and causes. At the risk of sounding really self-righteous, I just don't know who can hold onto millions of pounds - and sit wasting it away in a casino - with a clear conscience... but I suppose even the most philanthropic millionaires have to enjoy themselves sometimes.