Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Back to the wheels

So I've been on holiday for a week and have caught up on sleeping, eating and seeing friends, things which do not come easily to me when I'm working. Unfortuntely for me, tomorrow night is my first night back. I have a sick feeling in my stomach which I know won't go away until I step into that pit at 10pm.

Even after just two normal days off the first night back sucks, so this is going to be really bad... though to be fair, I don't know just how bad as this is the first holiday I've taken. As I'm still quite new to the business, I figure I'm apt to fall out of practice pretty quickly - the no-spins (where instead of flying smoothly round the rim of the wheel the roulette ball goes - well, anywhere else) are going to be spectacular...

I've done some pretty good ones in my time, though unlike my trainee pal I've yet to hit a manager.